Find loan sharks in Belfast – Findloanshark

Are you looking for a loan shark in Belfast Ireland? There are always better options no matter what your situation is than resorting to a loan shark. The UK itself has had some real horror stories when it comes to loan sharks. Just check out this story that is posted in the Belfast Telegraph. A loan Shark is anyone who offers to lend you money in it who isn’t licensed to do so.

So if you are that desperate for a loan don’t bother with these shady unlicensed loan sharks. Loan Sharks, they’re not to be confused with the high street lenders like the payday loans, there high but they are all licensed they might be expensive but they are licensed. So even if you have bad credit you can apply for a bad credit installment loan from a licensed broker see below for details. Please Stay away from loan sharks as they can cause physical harm to you and your family.

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