Find a loan shark Baltimore Maryland

Today I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily find a legal loan shark money lender in Baltimore Maryland.. I’ll give you four tips on how you can make sure that your loan gets funded. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to online hard money lenders some people think of them as monsters that are going to take your money and others think they’re like mythical creatures that can never be found. Well here’s a little secret that’s not true online hard money lenders are not mysterious they’re not evil and they’re not hard to find.

In fact, hard money lenders are looking for you just as hard as you’re looking for them. so let me tell you exactly how you can find a hard money lender so here’s what you need to do you can fill out the form below for an installment loan of up to 3000. If you’re looking for more go to it’s totally free just go to slash hard at moneylenders you can actually search by state and find all sorts of great lenders that lend in your area. but before you do, know how to actually get them to fund your deal okay here are four tips for getting your deal funded all right.

Tip# 1

Have a deal seriously if you don’t have a good deal no one’s gonna want to fund it. anyway so make sure your deal is killer if you don’t know if you have a good deal why not head over to the BiggerPockets forum and ask the seasoned investors there to let you know what they think about your deal it’s a free kind of a no-brainer.

Tip# 2

Be organized and professional don’t just call up a lender and say hey I got a deal to throw some money that’s stupid you got to be prepared don’t make a spreadsheet and prove that deals are good on paper include pictures include a one-page this plan includes some information on who you are including a very detailed expense report of all the repairs needed and then gather all those documents and just make them look nice maybe even get a fancy binder pretend you’re going for an interview at a Fortune 500 company look the part and be prepared.

Tip# 3

you need to have some skin in the game if you want the highest chance of getting your deal funded you’ve got to have something to lose perhaps you can put up the down payment or maybe you can partner with someone who can or maybe you’re going to do the labor yourself so your own sweat and tears will be your skin in the game the point is you’ve got to have something to lose the lender is going to feel a lot more comfortable if you have something to cry about if the project doesn’t go as a planned point.

Tip# 4

Follow through if your lender asks for something get it over to them right away if they give you a call them back immediately remember this is the business do exactly what you say you’re going to do and you will build a reputation, someone, to be trusted.

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