Find a loan shark Rhode Island

if you have bad credit where can you go to get a loan in Rhode Island? most people when desperate starting looking for a loan shark that’s not the way to go. If you’re trying to get a loan first thing you do is pull your credit and if you have negative credit it’s pretty much all over right there, you have two options that I found that seem to be very beneficial when they are used correctly the first one is payday loans or legal loan sharks.

I know that gets a lot of bad press in the news when you hear about payday loans but 90% of the time it’s due to people who misuse them and payday loans are only intended as emergency cash advances when something unforeseen happens like a car breaks down you get an unexpected bill something like that.

The full amount you borrow plus the lending fee is due to be paid back in about 14 days the only reason why I’m mentioning it is that if all you need is a couple of hundred dollars or less then a payday loan may be your best option as long as you use them the way they are intended now one of the main things people talk to search for is where can they go find a regular type loan when that’s set up over a longer period of time and the payments are made over a period of time that can be months or even years. you make payments each month and as I said earlier we already know the main lenders like banks and credit unions the first thing they’re going to do is pull your credit and then flat out deny you so the question is where can someone with bad credit go who needs a long term loan and not a payday loan now I’ve searched on the internet and I found a lot of places that said they were personal installment loans so this was the best one I found easy installment loans.

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