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Are you looking for a local loan shark in Miami, Orlando, or Tampa? Do you need money asap? Here at, we can help, we specialize in bad credit installment loans.

Many financial dilemmas that occur are not due to bad money management but just bad situations. It can happen to anyone at any time at such times we try turning to family or friends for help. Sometimes though they are also struggling financially and can’t help us having the option to obtain an installment loan. In such a financial pinch can be a huge blessing the best time to apply for an unsecured personal loan is now to fill out the quick application

With an installment loan and you can pay it back over you know several years instead of a payday loan having to be paid back with your next paycheck. So a bad credit installment loans are a good option if you’re struggling to make ends meet financially. They are definitely a better option than payday loans but the problem is a lot of the banks do not advertise that they offer these bad credit installment loans. So we have to go find them, so I went to the FDIC website and I searched all the financial institutions in the state of Florida.

I went through several of these to see which ones have websites that offer personal loans or installment loans and it’s often the case that if a bank offers an unsecured personal loan you can get an installment on as well. One of the banks that i found that offers personal loans both unsecured and secured I’m sure is city national bank and as you can see they offer an unsecured personal loan for personal loan use payback within 60 months. So you know someone might call this an installment loan or an unsecured personal loan it could be either-or.

Interestingly they are offering transportation loans as well for automobiles and boats which you could also consider that an installment loan as you are paying back monthly but they have collateral. Another bank that offers installment type loans is the great Florida bank and as you can see here they offer a ton of different kinds of personal loans or installment loans interestingly they mentioned bridge loans that tend to be as you can see a little bit more money and usually for people buying homes. They are offering unsecured personal loans up to 5 grand which is you know pretty good that’s a significant amount of money that will last quite some time.

They have mentioned an unsecured loan and an unsecured line of credit so probably about the same thing this is likely a credit card or you can call it an installment loan. Another bank that’s available is Florida traditions bank but interestingly they put no information on their website about what type of personal loans they do offer they have a personal loan page but it says you need to contact your local branch, this is very common in the banking industry and I think it’s something that needs to change if banks really want to get more business. They need to tell customers what products they offer not having to call them most people don’t want to pick up a phone and call a bank they just want to fill it out online and submit it.

I’m certain that people have actually applied online and do not want to call a bank or talk to a loan officer so more banks in the future could benefit from putting these options on their websites. So if you want to go through some of these names and search on Google I’m going to go ahead and tell you I probably did 30 different banks and searched for installment loans half of them didn’t even have good websites the other half’s very sporadic in their loan offers. so you know you might want to take time looking for places local. so you can get a bad credit installment loan in the state of Florida. When you apply for our bad credit installment loan with the form below you will be matched with a loan not just in Florida but throughout the US giving you a better rate and better chance of getting approved. Also, you can have money in your bank account within 24 hours for those people needing it ASAP.

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