What to do if a loan shark harassing you?

You found a loan shark on craigslist but now that loan shark is intimidating you and harassing you to get his money back. You have to know that lending money like this is illegal but borrowing money is not, so you have to understand that you will not get into trouble with the police or in court if you have borrowed money from a loan shark.

Legally, you do not have to pay back the loan shark as the loan was lent to you illegally in the first place. The loan shark has no legal grounds, to begin with. But these are some dangerous people we are talking about, so you have to look for help from the authorities.

As we have told you, loan sharks are dangerous people, so paying them ASAP is the best way to deal with them. You have to get help from your consultant in the first place. Get cash on advance credit from your credit card and deal with them, that will be easier than dealing with loan sharks. You must never miss the payment if you are worried about your safety. I hope the loan shark harassing is not doing with You.

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